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I am an indie, creative type based in Los Angeles that excels in strategic consultancy.

When I am not solving super important strategy questions, I am usually designing cool games or apps. Most of the time I am busy working on my own projects. Scroll down and you will notice I listed the dog on our team page - I mean I love the dog, but ya - it's just me and the dog (and a great Rolodex.) But remember that story about the kid with the slingshot and the giant? Ya, well I got mad slingshot skills here. So if you want to design, or strategize on some new, cool awesomeness - drop me a line, maybe I can help out.
Creative, % 75
Strategy, 90% 80
Gamification, % 85
Moxie, % 100

Just a sampling of what I can do for ya.


Not many people can claim to have learned how to build a computer from scratch just to play a game - but I did... at age 12. Games are in my DNA and gamification is something I excel at. I am currently in production on our first mobile game - more details on that later.

Digital Design

If it has a plug, chances are I have designed an interface for it. I am an UI and UX expert, that goes way beyond the acronyms to actually create innovative and usable designs.


Strategy is often the unsung hero of any successful campaign. I know this more than anyone and preach it's merits to anyone that will listen. Answering the hard questions early-on, always leads to a more successful product in the long run.

Me, a dog, a great Rolodex and a secret laboratory


20 years exp / max hit points; creative technologist with a penchanct for strategy and figuring out what makes people tick.
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